[Mega-thread] ScriptingtoSaveLives.com: We need your help!

Help donate to hospitals in need by donating code with Scripting to Save Lives!

Hello, I am posting today for a very special reason. I am starting a website called Scripting to Save Lives. The website will help guide people to hospital donation pages so that we can help medical workers do their jobs better. Another feature of the website is the non-money ways people can donate such as code or CPU. We ask the Glitch community to help contribute. You can contribute anything from a full website design to a few lines of code.

What to code:

(note, as of 5-1-20 Contribution guidelines have changed. See our repo and forum for more.)

Home Page:
Description of what the website is.

Dev Help Page
It will contain a zip download of the website and a link to the GitHub repo so that devs can launch their own version of the website. It also may include a form that will allow people to out an application so that we can launch a website for them. (your town here).ourwebsiteurl.com

Donation options page
This will be a page were people can find links to donate to hospitals. We will have a link to our donation page for Yale New Haven Hospital or any other hospital that needs donations.

Other ways to help page
A page will go over how to spread the word and how to download Folding At Home, the software that uses your CPU to look for a COVID-19 cure.

Other pages
We welcome other ideas for pages!

How this will work

We need client-side code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that will be used on the website. (I am not going to be using server-side code, I will explain why later in the post) I have a template that can be used for ideas. We need a home page, a hospital directory page, and pages showing how developers and anybody else can help. To contribute, please start a new Glitch project and create code based on the ideas above. Submit your project’s name by replying to this post.

How the website aspect will work

Glitch will be used to test the code before it is added to the live website. This is to make sure that the website is 100% all set up and working before it is posted to the internet. We can only use client-side code because Netlify can only handle static websites.

We hope that you consider donating code or money. The sooner we can end this pandemic, the sooner we can all move back to our old lives. The only way we can stop this is if we all work together.


Thank you so much! More updates will be posted.


I have an idea. Using cpu power you can possibly mine monero and exchange it for real money but that gives you very little. Using google adsense we can also setup ads.

Can I help with this project also, because this seems like a very beneficial project to me. Also to submit code, you could embed a google forms into the webpage.


Wonderful idea!

I will be sure to support it !


Idea for people who want to help.
Tell them to do the following

  1. Fork the github repository
  2. Do their edits
  3. Make a pull request for merging the repo with the original
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Bitcoin mining is against the TOS but I would be open to Google ads! If you want to submit code I have a new link or you can always fork the repo.


Yeah, I’m going to try that method to submit new code. Google ads requires you to get through an approval process, on the website so it would probaly be the last thing you do(i failed this process last last year sadly).
Speaking of folding at home, imagine if 1 person created a lot of glitch projects and made them all run the Folding at home application


That would be a lot of income…


Hopefully they’d get suspended for abusing the server and making it slower for everybody else.

Mining and heavy compute applications aren’t appropriate for Glitch. Even for your home computer they aren’t a good idea, the money generated wouldn’t even pay for the extra electricity used.


Mishavee sometimes and only sometimes the income generated is larger than your electricity bill. But it is really slow, on my gpu for mining I only get .80 if I run it for a day(using http://salad.io, which allows you to donate to the coronavirus).

Honestly it’s annoying when glitch servers are slow. If the glitch server is slow then your browser is slow
Also, RiversideRocks a we can setup a subdomain for the final site that’s linked to glitch for dynamic content if needed. For now I am working on expanding the website further with more information.

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Made a new pull request: https://github.com/RiversideRocks/ScriptingToSaveLives/pull/1
However I might do some further edits so I might need to open a new pull request afterwards and you can use the new one
In my opinion, this is a GREAT way to show glitch community spirit, and I am hoping many more people will help contribute to make this a successful project.
P.S. Why not put a quick video into our site. We can grab some really motivating music and put together some images to inspire people to help, https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/royalty-free-music/downloads-c/motivating-and-inspiring-music/13
Update(a new animation idea):https://javaarchive-scriptingtosavelives.glitch.me/animationtest.html
Please tell me how I should make it better(3D transform maybe)

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i would be happy to help!

I could help setup a way of distributing the ZIPs and i could write an article on dev.to!


I could also try to get a link to donate to the NHS- which would want donations for more Plastic Protective Equipment (PPE) as doctors in my country are risking their lives and some are lacking the protection against COVID-19


I’ll do some work on a video a bit later. I merged the pull request, looked good!


ive just forked the repo and initialised github pages, ill begin the donation page (or part of it)

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Sounds good. I am going to add the rest (or at least more) of the pages today. I will also purchase the domain later.


there is something else that could work…

i`ll put it in a PM

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  • Most of the pages are done, I just have to tweak a few things.
  • I’m thinking about tweaking the animation JavaScript because it lags a bit…
  • I’m going to do some work with our live HTML tester with @17lwinn

We are developing a system so you can upload and test your HTML before you submit.

This system is still in development, so we won’t disclose the link yet


Website is up (but 50% complete)


I’ve just sent word about it to many discord servers. The next thing to do would probably be add more information. I will be doing some googling about some places we can donate to.