Minimize all in the editor


When i sit and code some projects i sometimes end up with huge codes, and then i have to scroll through tons of stuff i don’t need. It’d be nice if there was a minimize all button, so i can just open what i need instead of having to close everything.

(Sorry if this is already a feature, but i wasn’t able to find it)

This would be a neat feature. However, I think this could more or less be a thing JavaScript has (this would mean many IDEs, etc would adopt this) For example, in C# you can use #region and #endregion and Visual Studio allows you to collapse the code. I wish this was a thing in many other languages, JavaScript too. (Please correct me if I’m wrong about anything)

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The collapse code is already a feature. What i’m asking for is a collapse all :slight_smile:

Btw please vote for it :slight_smile:

Hey @darknessgamingdk, thanks for the suggestion. To clarify, are you asking about being able to collapse all of the code areas in a given file? Basically all of these:


Is that what you’re after (as opposed to collapsing all of the folders)?

Yes that’s correct.
I have too much code, and to get to the bottom lines i have to close maybe 20 of those. It’d be easier if it was possible to just close all, and then open the once i need.

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