Multiple people accessing the client side of a site at the same time, how does this impact the project hours?

So, let’s say I’ve got 2 people on my site (non-static), for 1 hour, at the same exact time. How exactly would this impact my project hours? would this count as one hour (since that is the time the site was active for), or would it count as 2? thanks for any answers, since this may change how I design my site.

Glitch starts the project when there’s at least one user. During that time, it uses up project hours, not per-user. In the case you describe, it counts as one hour.

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If thats how that works it is mathematically impossible to use up all 1k hours unless you have 2 projects open 24/7. W no having to worries.

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exactly! :slight_smile: which is why I was wondering this- to know if my project in capable of being used 24/7, without running out of hours, since I only have one project

yeah what that guy said doesnt make sense so I would just wait for a staff to respond lol.

What @wh0 said is correct!

In the help center, we have information on Project Hours.

When are Project Hours used?
Project hours are spent when:

  • The project is being actively edited
  • Someone accesses the live site for a Glitch project and it is not a static site.

You can monitor the number of hours spent on the dashboard when you login to your account. I hope this helps! There’s a lot of information about project details in the help center, so take a look there too!

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