My bot project was suspended due to 'disk space limit'

My bot project was suspended due to ‘disk space limit’. I don’t understand what this means, can someone please explain? The project name is “nezuko-botu”

@hakanozkan123, I’ll ping @support_staff!

Welcome to the forums, @hakanozkan123!

This is just an explanation for the behavior. There are some technical restrictions for an application on Glitch - disk storage limit, anonymous-expiration, RAM and request limitation, etc.

Projects have a limit of 200MB of disk space in the container. The contents of your project’s ‘/tmp’ directory currently don’t count towards that total, but those files are removed when the project restarts. By default your Node.js modules don’t count towards that total - there’s a separate 1GB limit for node modules. Plus, there’s an additional 512MB of assets storage space.

Learn more here and Happy Glitching!

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Hi @hakanozkan123 !

I’ve given your project additional disk space for 24 hours. This should give you the room needed to add files that are taking up too much space to .gitignore.

Project files that take up alot of space are usually ones that your project rewrites often. This includes any .sqlite files.

Once you have added larger files to .gitignore run the following commands in the project console:

git prune and hit enter
git gc and hit enter.
refresh and hit enter

This should free up the space you need.

Hi, @tasha
My project has been suspended

Hi @Never2Kill,

Please tell me the name of your project and I will help you get it back open.

From the screenshot provided you can see the project name is never2kill

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Thanks @Callum-OKane, that white text on red background evades me all the time!

@Never2Kill I gave you some extra disk space temporarily so you can get in your project and adjust things.