My CSS doesn't work

Hello there,
When i look at my work on the preview panel, CSS applies correctly, but when i chose to open it on a new window or try to download it, it doesn’t works anymore. Tho the source code show me that the two pages (HTML and CSS) are linked.
I’m a new be can smbdy help me pls?

can you send the HTML source code that’s linking the CSS?

Ty for your answer, yes the HTML is :

<link rel="stylesheet" href="ad4.css" />

uh, can you send the project link?

try making it /ad4.css instead of ad4css, this will let all files link to the same CSS regardless of folder

Sorry i edited my first answer, i’m struggling using code in a forum message sorry …

It doesn’t work, and won’t work in the preview panel either now :(, maybe i can give you access to my exercice so you can see by yourself?

you could just send the name of the project, I might be able to figure the rest out

The name is “regular-radical-raven”, and i’m only speaking of the “ad4/” part of it

alright, try changing it to ./ad4.css instead of /ad4.css

or /ad4/ad4.css if that doesn’t work


I’ve tried both and it still only work on the side panel.

it looks fine for me:

You should see this

yes, that’s what I see

Whut, but when i click on what you linked me, i have this

it might be a computer issue, try clearing your cookies maybe?

i don’t know

Ok, well thanks for your time/help. good evening

no problem, bye

In the Section of your code Do