My discord bot goes offline

Hello dear glitch staff.

it took me months to make a Discord.js bot and now that i managed to have time to put it on glitch i would love if it staid online. it stays online for loke 10min and then goes offline. i heard some people talking about a watch.json thing. i dont know what that is but if it can help i would love to have some more info. Please help me i love my bot and i have people who need it to moderate on my discord. Please Help!

Hello @depressed_chip

It’s cool to hear that you’re moving to Glitch!’

When a project does not get any requests it will forcefully be shutdown, what I’m meaning to say is, if you don’t have e.g. a server listening for requests and responding with 200 or something then it will be shutdown, your server needs to be requested at least per 5-10 minutes. That action can be done by using uptimerobot.

Creating a server can be done with this single line in the top of your code.

require("http").createServer(async (req,res) => { res.statusCode = 200; res.write("ok"); res.end(); }).listen(3000, () => console.log("Now listening on port 3000"));
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Will that keep my bot online?

That’s right - when used along side a service like

Thanks for the tip. What tipe do i need to select? And btw you have discord? Do its easier to talk

Select the HTTP(s) option. No, we don’t have a Discord - just this forum.

With uptimerobot you can receive notifications directly to your discord server:
Just add Slack Alert Contact to monitor with your discord webhook URL with appended /slack at the end of it (

Hello, i would like to tank everyone for the help you are giving me. I really like this community. Tho I found an old post on how to do it and it seems to be working great. Again, thanks anyway♡

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Can you share me the post??


Glitch no longer allows UptimeRobot or any pinging service for that matter. The best way to keep your glitch project alive is to upgrade to a boosted plan. There is still a workaround, which if you’d like please message me.

you know i read this right lol


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