My Discord bot restarts randomly without error!

Project name: oilbot
i use An idiot’s guide’s web dashboard on my bot, so if i add this code to my project
const express = require(“express”)
const expressApp = express()
expressApp.get("/", (req, res) => res.json(“OK”))

my bot and dashboard throws errors and dashboard gets broken. how could i prevent that issue?
(i know projects restart after 12 hours, also my bot’s main website (aka dashboard) is pinged by uptimerobot. Please help me…

I tried to check the code of the project, but I was alerted it wasn’t found.
Did you change the name? Or maybe did a mistype? Or is it private?

nope, its private i dont want others to remix and use it…

Alright, do you want to wait for a staff or unprivate it temporarily?

thanks i can wait for a staff

Alright, hope it gets solved for you soon. Good luck

Could you please post the errors that occur?