My Glitch hosting doesnt become active (Solved)


i have a Discord bot Hosting here but somehow it doesnt become active with out being it in Debug mode.

does someone know how and how to fix this??

Greeting from,
Bryan Piek

Hi @BryanPiek03, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

Can you give us a little more detail about what you mean by “not active”? Are you seeing errors in your logs (which you can see by clicking the Logs button under your project’s name)?

Nope, no errors in the logs

Ok, what does “not active” mean in this context? Can you share your project name so folks can have a closer look?

Its named:

but its a dutch discord bot so i dont know if you can read it all

but i have to go to bed now, so i wont be reacting to the posts intill i’m awake

o and this is all its showing

and it doesnt become active

Ok great, this helps!

A couple of things:

  1. you’ve got the debugger running, and that can mess things up. To turn it off you’ll want to click the stop-sign-ladybug button: image
  2. Glitch projects will continue trying to start until they see something listening to whatever port is represented by process.env.PORT (typically 3000, but it can change under some circumstances). The easiest way to accomplish this is to add a little Express to your app, something like what’s going on in this project. If you add something like that to your index,js file Glitch will see that your app is listening and will stop trying to restart. Listening for something at (which is what this does) will also give you something to point UptimeRobot or something else at to keep your bot running for longer than the 5 minute auto-sleep window.

After you sort these things out are you still having trouble getting your bot running?

In extension to Cori’s answer, read through It has all the basic things you can do to make the bot online.

It is now constant online, dont know how, but thanks for the reactions

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