My new and improved website!

Today, I released my 6th-7th version of my website! You can see it at With this version I focused on less fade-in animations and more on just the small ones such as the titles, which I got the animation from my screensaver I made and the buttons, which hover animations I love! I really experimented around with the CSS transition property with this website!. I hope you like it!


It is quite neat! I would recommend checking out to make the website feel a lot faster instead of reloading everytime you click a link :slight_smile:

Done! I am glad you like it!

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This is a cool bio! I love all the projects you have there, they’re fun to toy with. I also love the goofy little animations in the title bar! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much!

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@MilesWK btw I would recommend making this links <a> elements for them to be accessible, focusable with tab and work for people that have JS disabled.

And quick node is only present in the about page. For it to work it needs to be present in all pages.


oops. Forgot about the other pages. I will look into the links.

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I added the stuff, but I didn’t change the links. I want the full button to be a link, and if I add the <a> around the entire button, there is some styling issues, and if I put it just around the text, the text is the only link.

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You should put it around the text (not div) and then style it to look like the div. Remove the underline (text-decoration: none), make the text white, set display: block, and then apply all of the styles you’ve set in the old button/div

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But then the text is the only link.

What do you mean by that?

The whole button doesn’t take you to the page. By swapping the onclick with the link, than you can’t click anywhere on the button to navigate there.

Uhh… Are you using padding on the link? Then it should

Nope. The padding is on the div element.

Uhh ideally there should not be a div element but a link element with the padding…

Well I will take all this into consideration for version 8.

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