My Project has deleted!

Hello Glitch Team,

I want to get back my Project!

WTTTTFFFFFF … My Project has nothing now! ( just the Glitch default files ) .:scream:

I’ve bee in Glitch a lot of time … and it’s the first time that done

OMG … it’s my biggest website .

Offf … Hope you can back it to me .


My Project name is: “otaku-gate” .

Thx .
and sorry for my English .
Hope my project back :frowning_face:

Hey @GoTeams, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

Sorry for the inconvenience; we do have backups for your project; I’ll get you a list so you can pick the one that makes the most sense. Do you have any idea when this happened (we just fixed a bug with backups this morning and want to make sure that our fix is actually fixing things)?

I’ll have a list to you in a few minutes.

Here are the last few backups we have of project otaku-gate:

0:2019-01-24T19:01:56.000Z [0.11MB]
1:2019-01-24T14:08:36.000Z [0.11MB]
2:2019-01-23T12:56:37.000Z [27.57MB]
3:2019-01-23T12:45:38.000Z [27.56MB]
4:2019-01-23T12:35:32.000Z [27.54MB]

Let us know which one you’d like us to restore!

Thank you to response …

I hope that the 27 mb ( latest one ) (( third backup )) is the right version … restore it for me .

And why that’s happen?

It’s my first time to happen like this .

Thanks Again

Ok, @GoTeams we’ve restored that backup; please take a look and let us know how it looks.

Once again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience!