My project website is down

I need help, how to fixed “429 Too many requests” ?

Hey @hansputera,

Is your project a Discord bot?

Hello @hansputera!

The error you provided is not sufficient enough for us to identify the problem. My assumption is that the error is probably caused by an API; you’re sending too many requests to the API and you have been rate-limited from it.

Hope this helps!

No, I actually thought it could be:

  • curl -I in the console could give a result of “429 Too Many Requests” which indicates a banned IP address if the project is using Discord.js OR

  • Glitch projects have a techincal restriction where projects are limited to 4000 request per hour, and if the limit is exceeded, it could also return a “429 Too Many Requests” response.

@chroventer, what’s with that particular package?