My website doesn't show on my custom domain. Please help

So, I used to use Firebase hosting to host my website. I wanted to switch to and use custom domains. I’m using the A record so I don’t have to type www before the domain.

What’s happening, is it still shows that the website is connected to Firebase. This is what it shows when I go to the normal domain without www.

I don’t know why it shows that, but it might take time, I don’t know.

Also, when I go to the website with www before the domain, it says there was a glitch (the error screen). But my project is on private code, so the website should be public to others.

I don’t know what’s happening, but I would appreciate it if someone could help. I kind of typed this message fast, so ask me any questions if you need to.


Nevermind, I found out it takes a couple of minutes to fix.

DNS changes take a bit of time as they need to effectively update every major DNS router on the planet, so the closer you are to the ones your ISP talks to, the sooner they update, but it’ll still take at least a few minutes (which thankfully was the case for you!). Usually after a domain binding change it can take up to a day for the whole planet to catch up, so there’s usually about a day of “did it work?”, and unfortunately no way to get around that =D

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