Need firebase help

I want to learn about firebase for glitch, but the starter project is gone!
I was using that as a base of reference to see how it works.
Does anyone have a remix I could use?

Let’s get @khalby786

Noooooo! What have you done???
Are you crazy? You woke the BEAST!


Can you try looking up firebase using the search feature on Glitch.

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oh boy

everyone, move out, get away from the beast

In all serious, @khalby786 knows a thing or two on Firebase.

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The beast has been summoned! I was late to respond because there was a lot of traffic in the summoning gateway. :joy::wink:

@anon50985323 I’ll create starter projects on Firebase for each features (authentication, hosting, real time databases, etc). But it’ll take some time because I’m about to sleep in my timezone, so please bear with me.

While I’m sleeping, why don’t you try @RiversideRocks’ idea and search for a few firebase projects?

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@anon50985323, there’s already a collection of Firebase projects by Firebase themselves:

And then there’s, which is a blog created using Firebase Database by Glitch.

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