Need help embedding messages

I made a discord bot for someone and they want me to make embedded messages, I really don’t know how to do that, can someone help me? Because I’ve tried some and I have no idea on how to it since I’m new to coding.

let discord = require("discord.js)
let embed = new discord.RichEmbed()
.addField("Field one", "field data")
.addField("Field 2", "field data")
.setFooter("Footer"); // or"A message
above embed", {embeds: embed})

Not all those need to be added to the embed, you can use any of
them you want, there are limitations obviously!

You can find the official documentation here!

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So do I just paste that into the Visual Studio Code? And that’s it? Do I like need to run a command or something? I don’t really understand the documentation either.

Well, of course the example I gave just shows an example of all the functions, for RichEmbeds, you will have to customize it yourself! What will the RichEmbed contain? And do you have a command handler?

No I don’t have a command handler , I don’t know what that means… I’m extremely confused…
I know that I have to change the Author names and stuff please help me I don’t know what to do

What will the embed be for, what do you want it to contain?

I want it to contain the Author’s name (mine) bot version, discord server for support, my discord basically the basic information about the bot and sometimes idk for like announcements @Callum-OKane

So can you help me with it? I just want it for the help section of the bot please, @Callum-OKane

Maybe this will be of use to you!

let version = "1.0.0"
let developer = "YourUsername#0918"

let embed = new discord.RichEmbed()
     .setAuthor("Bot Info")
     .addField("Username:" client.user,username)
     .addField("Version:", version)
     .addField("Latest Updates:", `
Version 1.0.1
 - Bug fixes

Version 1.0.0
 - New commands
     .setFooter("Bot developed by: "+developer)

@nothinghereWER, I’ve already replied in the thread I need help to make a announcements command!

Hey man! I want to use this but I have a command handler and I don’t want to copy it for every command.

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alguien me pasaria el codigo de los embed ?


no puedo hacer el mensaje embed hay algo antes de esto?


This Might’ve Worked Before A While But I Currently Am new To Coding But I See This Is Not Working For Me So I Would Like To Ask If There Is a way for me to do it in 2021

change RichEmbed to MessageEmbed