Need Refund ASAP!

So i went to renew my account. I specifically selected the monthly. Tab. And i seen that when i was taken to the next screen that it said 96$ yearly. Thinking that was the total that i would pay over time at the monthly rate. being precautious i clicked back to the previous screen and selected the monthly tab again and the same thing happened. so i was sure i was on the monthly plan. and i just checked my bank account and it is in the negative. I never intended to be on the yearly plan nor can i afford it being laid off without a job during covid. I need to get this figured out today before i am charged an overdraft fee

@glitch_support i need to get this handled asap please. this just made my checking account negative 70$ because i never intended to do the yearly the billing page needs to be redone to clearly state what you are paying for. when you click the 8$ monthly thats what i would think i would be paying not 96$. I would prefer to stay on the monthly plan but i cannot do that if i dispute the transaction with my bank. i will have no choice if i cant get this figured out soon because my bank requires me to do it within one-two business days or else they cannot wave the overdraft fee witch would end up being all of the money i had in there to begin with.

i really hope to get this resolved ASAP. this is the last thing i needed right now without working. not to mention having to evacuate my home and my town due to the washington wild fires

Try emailing although it might take time for them to respond.


faster then on here? Ive never has good luck with contacting them via email. Its unfortunate they dont have an answering service to at least eave a voicemail for a callback

Email is 97% of the time faster than the forum. We can ping @glitch_support just in case!


thank you. has either of you tried renewing your account since the website was redesigned?

I though @glitch_support was here every day on the forum just to see whatever is happening. Still, you should email, just in case.

@ClearlyElevated We can help you with this, but I am not seeing any support requests in our system that are coming from your email. What is the ticket #?

About pinging staff:
I know that pinging support in the forum was used in the past, but now that we have the Help Center this is no longer recommended. It’s clear that this point is not well known, and that’s on me. I’m sorry!

I just updated the pinned message in Glitch Help and also created a new Announcement to clarify this. You can view it here.


thank you. I will submit a support ticket now. I thought this was the only support channel for glitch.