New Glitch competitor: 1.0

#1 announced on their blog today that you can now write full-stack applications on

Sounds like a big deal, maybe finally a worthy Glitch competitor. But I’ve only read the blog post so far, not tried it.

Eager to hear others’ opinions!


Competition is good imho, I kinda like the environment, not a big fan though.

The main differences I see are the following:

  • Glitch is way more user friendly but has power user features too, Repl looks more focused to the expert tier.
  • Glitch is focused in collaborative editing and bootstraping applications. Altough Repl allows certain level of collaboration, it’s not its focus.
  • Glitch has a lot of focus in removing the environment setup pain for new or curious users that want to start coding, Repl kind of does this too, but less explicit (lack of standarized templates).
  • has more power in their instances for bigger applications, Glitch not that much but afaik this is going to change soon.

Let’s see what they can offer when released and how can Glitch be improved too. Thanks for sharing!