New Google Login


I read on the google website that all Google+ apis will be shutdown along with the Google+ shutdown. I found new login code to put in but I don’t know where to put it. Please help


Hi! You’ll probably want to replace your existing login code with the new code. Where that is will depend a lot on how your project was set up initially.

Is there a specific project that you’d like help on?


yes. I don’t know how to put the code in my project. Here is the project url:


Okay, thanks.

Right now, you’re using a library called Passport.js to connect to the Google API for authentication. This is a pretty popular library, so I guessed that others might have had the same issue. I clicked the Github link (shown in the image below) and then went to the ‘Issues’ page to see if anyone had asked about this. They have! It was right at the top, ‘Google+ Sign-In Deprecation’. From there, I saw at the bottom that someone had posted how to fix this on StackOverflow and linked it in the discussion. This StackOverflow answer should help you out.

You have code that starts like this passport.use(new GoogleStrategy({ in server.js, which is where you’ll need to add this line:

 userProfileURL: ''

You might end up needing to change the scope you’re requesting, too.

Github logo: image


Can you change this for me?


Is it fixed? I just logged in.


I didn’t change anything. Typically, making fixes for you is a step beyond the amount of help we can provide - we’re here to empower you to build! :slight_smile: Let me know if you run into issues following the instructions in that other link.


where do I put the new line of code?


Do I put it in place of the scope code?


I think you’ll want it in addition to the scope.


ok. can you give me the link to the github issue?