New project button is GONE

I can’t find the new project button anymore, it is gone from the homepage… I’m able to remix other projects but I cannot create a new one. I have tried to relog but nothing changed

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Hi SuperOP535,

I’m sorry about the confusion!

The starter projects moved down to the ‘Create your Dream App’ section. Making a remix of one of those is exactly the same as what the old ‘new project’ button would do. You can also find the old style project buttons inside the editor, which you can get to from the ‘resume coding’ button in the header.

We’re working toward a design that puts more of an emphasis on the idea that there is no real new project, only remixes of different starting points. I’ll see about helping to make this a bit more clear.

That’s a very bad idea to remove the New project button, some people may want to something else than these and who’s gonna bother removing files?

Oh, now I see that these are the same as the default ones but I wish we could make empty projects :frowning:

Hey @SuperOP535!

I personally agree with you. It was a lot easier to create a new project with the ‘New Project’ button. Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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That’s a bit weird. I saw this thread yesterday and the button wasn’t there. Then when I created a new project this morning, it is there again! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I realise that that is inside editing an app, and not on the homepage, but at least there is still the capability there rather than just remixing something else.

Whenever you create a new project on Glitch, you’re still remixing an existing app! And since the idea of a “blank project” varies for different users, one thing you can do is create your own project and pin it to your profile like I’ve done with starter-node and starter-stack on mine!

Hi, just updating to let you know we’ve made it easier to create a new project, straight from the header of

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