NPM update date

When do you plan update to newest version?
Because I read somewhere that the 5.6.0 version is buggy and you have this version.
I installed all dependencies and my app doesn’t work. As if the app doesn’t recognize the discord-akairo package. I get only .reply error (When I try use a command which could send a DM to me).
As I see now that the newest version is 6.4.1 .


You can now use Node 10.9, which should have the latest version of npm.

Please note, though, that in Glitch we use pnpm instead of npm, because it allows us to do more optimizations and save space.

If you really want to use npm anyway, you can call enable-npm from the console.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:I will think about this pnpm. I am new with this pnpm so I need read about this first before I will use.

From your point of view, pnpm works exactly the same as npm - you specify your packages in package.json, and it installs them. The difference is that pnpm doesn’t use disk space inside your project for the packages you install, and it’s a lot faster.

Wow. Thank you the explanation. Indeed it is better if I use pnpm then. :slight_smile: