One-click cookie deleter link:

Are you sick of clearing your cookies and getting logged out of literally everything? Use this code snippet instead!

javascript:(()=>{let a=document.cookie.split(";");let>x.split("="));let>x[0]);for(let i=0;i<c.length;i++){document.cookie=c[i]+"=; max-age=-100"}})();

How to use:

  1. Visit a random site and add it as a bookmark.
  2. Control-click, right-click, tap with two fingers, whatever… click “edit” and paste the above code into the “Address” box.
    2a. NOTE! Some browsers automatically strip the javascript: part from the beginning. Check to make sure that the bookmarklet address starts with javascript:. If it doesn’t, this won’t work.
  3. Visit some site (like Glitch) and click on the bookmarklet. Poof! No more cookies.
    (You might get logged out).

A screenshot for evidence:



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now I don’t have to go and delete one specific cookie

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