Per-Project Ability to Force Disable "Refresh App on Changes"

I have a feature request: a new flag in watch.json that will override the user’s currently set state for “Refresh App on Changes” checkbox.

Here is what I’m trying to achieve:

I’d like to scaffold a project that has a “src/” folder that, when scripts within the folder change, it will trigger a hot-reload on my web app. I’ve already tested this and it works fine with a combination of rollup, websockets, and a custom watch.json.

However, the “Refresh App on Changes” button is site-wide, rather than per-project, so while I wish to keep it disabled for this project, I still like to use it on other Glitch projects (for example a simple HTML website). Ideally I should be able to control this in watch.json, so that my more advanced hot-reloading project can work out of the box.

More importantly this is something that I want to be seamless for those remixing my app: they shouldn’t have to configure anything to get it running on their end, they should be able to just remix and edit and it should work as expected.