Placing GLB 3D Models

I uploaded some GLB 3D models and I want to know how should I code it to place them in my 3D VR project.

Can you explain a little but more about what you are trying to do? Is this aframe? If so, copy the link from the assets tab and paste the link where a link is required.

Maybe this could be of some help?

There’s too many 3D technolgies to assume that. Threejs and AFrame are not the only frameworks for creating 3D experiences.
(Babylonjs)[] is also a 3D engine that supports VR.
Furthermore unreal engine can export to a web application, but it may not support VR.
You can also make a 3D game with barely any frameworks by using the webvr api directly with some 3D css transforms and a bit of complex math

If you’re using threejs or aframe check out the AFrame loader(threejs is accesible from it)

Keep in mind threejs features are sometimes seperate modules and can’t be included by just a script tag. You also need a type = "module" on both the script tag and your game file’s script tag. An annoying thing about that is that it prevents me from accessing the variables
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