PLEASE IGNORE | test domain removal

NOTE: This is a test post, please ignore.

Hi please remove my domain

Is this you ihack? Lol

yes, this is me :slight_smile: I had to create a new account to receive mail on topics :wink:


Is it becuz you unsubscribed for emails on you @ihack2712 account.

No, it’s because I won’t receive emails about new topics that I created myself :joy: I need to receive emails on new topics :slight_smile: That way I can programmatically respond to the email with an automated message.

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Aha! That’s how you’re gonna do it! Awesome!

Going full developer on this xd

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Should I do the usual :joy:
Hi @automator!
Welcome to the Glitch Community - thanks for coming here to get help with custom domains today.
May you send an email to so they can process the removal?
Hope this helps :slight_smile:
:joy: I reckon some people think I’m a bot


Hello, this is a test message.

Just gonna bump this for testing purposes.