Possible to support CTRL-W keyboard shortcut in the Linux Terminal?

I’m a heavy user of various keyboard shortcuts in Linux. I regularly use CTRL-A, CTRL-E, CTRL-W and others.

The problem with CTRL-W is that it is cough by Windows and keeps closing my browser’s tabs. I just can’t get it in my head to stop using the CTRL-W but it’s stronger than me. I’ll be working in a Terminal window and then next thing you know, I’ve just closed two or three Chrome tabs.

Very, very annoying!

If you could provide support for CTRL-W within the Terminal then that would be amazing! If not, is there a way to disable they keyboard shortcut for a specific browser tab (probably not, I guess)?




I have had the same problem with all web platforms that have a linux terminal. The most annoying to me is CTRL-W, which I use very often.
While I’ve seen websites correctly handle some of these shortcuts (even CTRL-R), I have never seen one that correctly handles CTRL-W.
This problem was bothering me so hard, that I tried to make my own js scripts to work around the problem, but nothing worked. CTRL-W seems to be hardcoded into Chrome and I think it is impossible to disable the default behavior.

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