Process gets killed without any error message

My projects ( process gets killed after 30 - 90 minutes with no error message in the logs, only this appears: /opt/watcher/app-types/node/ line 51: 1793 Killed node reaction.js.

1793 in this case, the number range is usually from 500 to 1500 (but it grows now for some reason). That type of “message” started to appear a week ago (17. feb. 2020).

Ram usage is mostly between 300 - 430mb, the bot is now in 600 discord servers. Messages get deleted every 60 seconds after they were longer than 4 minutes in the cache, 75 messages is the maximum per channel which can actually get into the cache. Also, I had no issues when test-running the bot for 4 hours on my pc.

The 1793 is just the node process ID. It changes whenever node is started/launched. It appears a command on line 51 of is killing the node process.

Also i’d recommend you cut down on caching, you will quickly hit the glitch threshold of 512MB. I’d start with setting the message cache option to a very low amount, and prevent presences, and disable some useless events like TYPING_START but for that please let us know if you’d like a more in-depth view in memory conservation.

Well, can’t do anything about “It appears a command on line 51 of is killing the node process.”, as it is built in glitch.

@SpeedyCraftah the message cache option is already set to a very low value, I’ve also disabled those useless events a month ago…
I thought it fixed itself a few days ago, since the bot was finally working fine, but today the killed node reaction.js error started to appear again, 8th time today…

What’s your memory/cpu/disk level usually at? Could it be that glitch is killing it for exceeding resources

@SpeedyCraftah I’m never getting a “The app exceeded the memory limit” error.
The memory usage is usually around at 73% (375MB / 512MB), cpu usage is 10% and the disk usage is 5% (9MB / 194MB).

Is it possible your memory could be leaking?