Project is stuck and not showing logs

For some reason my glitch project has nothing in the logs, like, literally nothing, anything i type in the console doesn’t have any output, and it continuously shows the sign that means your project is doing something. Before this i was having trouble with ‘Cannot find module ‘express’’, so i ran a combination of ‘refresh’, ‘enable-pnpm’, and ‘pnpm install’, the last time i ran ‘refresh’, it crashed a few times, and then gave me this. Maybe a force restart on my project could sort this out

It’s currently glitching out, nothing to do with my pc/browser/connection, but it’s really laggy and is going mental in the console

Now it just keeps on doing ‘node, with pnpm installing…’, and it’s stuck on that. Running ‘refresh’ has no output. I seriously need a force restart

Glitch is having a few issues with NPM packages at the moment, this should be over sooner than later.

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this has somehow fixed itself