Project Overlay Looks Blurry/Soft

When opening a project overlay, sometimes it’s contents look blurry, with soft edges.
Observe the difference in sharpness between the overlay content and the content below in this screenshot:

This doesn’t happen with all overlays, and I think it might have to do with whether there are images in the README:

Non-blurry overlay without an image

I’m running Chrome OS Version 65.0.3325.184

Ah, good catch! Thank you.

I can reproduce this on a Chromebook, and not yet in other environments. I’m not sure what’s up but I’ll try to fix it.

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I changed our text rendering CSS and that seems to help out. I’m not reproducing this any more, but it’s hard to be certain that it’s fixed.

I’ll keep and eye out for it and see if there’s more that can be done :+1:

Did you push this change? I’m still seeing it.

I did. You can verify by checking that the text-rendering: optimizeLegibility property is present on .markdown-content

It’s working for me now on Chrome OS 64.0.3282.19 on a HP chromebook 11G5. I’ll update to v65 and see if it comes back.

If you zoom in or out on the page, does the bluriness improve?

The blurriness exceeds just the markdown portion. Pretty much the whole of .project-overlay has that blur. It’s independent of zoom level.

Ah, good news! I can now reproduce it consistently on chrome OS 65. No idea why yet, I’ll keep digging.

Looks like Chrome OS 65 and TranslateX don’t play well together. I’ll put together a fix…

Ok, should be fixed next time you refresh your page!


Looks great, thanks!

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This seems to be happening again on ChromeOS 70 when viewing the New Stuff overlay on the homepage:

@noelleleigh thanks for the report - we’ll take a look!