Project Won't Load After Uploading HTML Files

My glitch project (dashboard-testing) is running bot a discord.js bot, and a dynamic node.js website to act as a dashboard. I’m using an HTML template for the dashboard (adminty), unfortunately, after I put in the files, the project stopped loading and the editor became extremely laggy. I’ve looked at other similar topics, but I haven’t come across one that’s similar.

Also, the project might be really messy because I foolishly tried moving some files around to see if that was the problem.

Could you show us the files and the console logs?

Nevermind! I’m just going to use the glitch project to host the bot and an express api, which will be used to access the bot’s data. Then I’ll just have a Github Page, or 000webhost page that call the API. Sorry to waste your time : | :slight_smile:

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He brings up a good point. My project is not loading.