Put is⚡was in your project README

Project URL: GitHub - wh0/iswas

generate your own: https://iswas.glitch.me/

is⚡was was a project for automatically communicating that you’ve abandoned yet another perfectly good project. You see, in the fast-moving world of software development, stakeholders must have a high-velocity means of assessing a project team’s ongoing commitment to the codebase’s growth, whereas the relatively static nature of README copywriting is not conducive to—

Okay it just checks if a given repo has been updated in the last 90 days and returns an SVG image containing either the word “is” or “was.”

:weary: it’s kind of dumb, but I built it, so here it is on the gallery


Actually, cool!


I feel like the added benefit of this is that the threat of the tense changing might actually guilt-trip me into updating the project :rofl:


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