Python for glitch

hi does glitch support python, cause i have a group of developers and i want edits in real time

(like can u turn the bot on in glitch using python, so we can test, we have our own host, but glitch is for developing)

and tmrs my birthday :smiley:


Python is installed, use python --version to detect the version.

Yes, as @chessebuilderman and @RiversideRocks have said Python is installed on Glitch. Note that the default Python version is 2 and if you want to use Python 3, you will need to use python3 instead of python. If you want code to be automatically executed after the project is awake or if you are using Glitch Premium to keep your project awake, then you will need a glitch.json (recommended) or a file.


anyone? hm

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do i do hello-webpage, hello-express, or hello-mysql for python?

Make python project [or] Make python project(if other link didnt work)

Edit /public/ for running python