Question about the discord IP bans

That’s a bad idea because IP address ban can result in a lot of people being baned because of IP sharing. At some point there was a whole country with the same IP address… You can do IP rate limits but not IP bans.

That must be a really small country.

Anyway, IP bans is actually rather genius. However I blame Glitch for the Glitch IP bans. I believe it is in Glitch’s place to make sure that no malicious bot on Glitch. If they find a malicious bot they should suspend the project and ban the user by their IP address and/or their HWID if they have that, also ban their social media accounts.


I doubt Discord would put in the effort to do that since they don’t really gain anything from it.

As @ihack2712 said, depending on the way they implement it, it would probably be a simple task, but you are probably right and they probably won’t care. Worth a try though as if they do implement it, it would be great for Glitch :slight_smile:


These bans are so annoying. Almost all my bots got banned. Maybe they can put like a button in the editor that requests to be moved to a new server so it’s faster and bots can get back on faster since it goes straight to the staff.

Like when everything is sort of getting back to normal boom IP banned and it’s offline.

Remember this can also happen from people editing projects

And it is nor required to ban the account. That just sounds selfish. Just because people over ping discord, doesn’t mean They’re malicious

Discord won’t ban bots for “over pinging”. Discord specifically targets bots that abuses their systems, imagine how many popular bots would be banned if “over pinging bans” were a thing.

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But still I got banned once for just editing too much.

So I’d stay careful of that.

That might be because the project is refreshing, so you’ll have logged in more than 1k times within the hour. That’s a bannable offense.

My point exactly.

I just found out how to post under 20 chars

Although that isn’t over pinging, just disable refreshing for javascript files ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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wha- how?? how is that possible

I just typed the message, then put <thxglitch> after.

Or use _ under your post.

Tbh I’m perfectly fine with the pinging services banned thing. As soon as I saw that I bought premium for a year. All that’s taking my bots offline currently is pretty much just discord banning ips. Just wish people wouldn’t abuse. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

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Ok I’m at the point where my bot is getting banned every 5 days. I’m not sure if I can stay on glitch anymore.