Regarding Audio Files On Glitch

I wanna ask how do u upload AUDIO files to glitch?
I mean i want it for ma bot but im not getting how to upload it ;-;.
Can anyone help me please!

Hello @bhangalepiyush

There is a npm module that you can use for this kind of stuff. It is very simple to use. The README file explains how you can use the module and comes with a complete example. If you have a basic understanding of Node.js and JavaScript you can manage to create a little system to upload unique files to your project.

Although I highly suggest you use some 3rd party software to store the files in so you don’t exceed the maximum storage limit

Projects have a limit of 128MB of space on the container. Though things written to ‘/tmp’ don’t count towards that, nor do your Node modules, and we use compression to squeeze the most out of that space. Plus, there’s an additional 512MB of assets storage space too.

ihack2712’s suggestion will work well if you’re intending your users to upload content. If you’re adding the files, then you can upload audio files the same way you do other assets in the editor: here’s an explainer video: Or if you need them locally then you can use wget or similar from the console.

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You can just add it to your assets with the URL like normal.