Remixing a websocket project not producing same results

Hey so I am trying to create a WebSocket server, so my client (on a different application) can connect to it. I found a simple WebSocket server example and tried connecting to it and it worked. Though, when I remixed the project (and changed nothing) I couldn’t connect to it. I’ve tried so many different ways to create a WebSocket server that will connect to this client, and if they seem to work, and I remix the project or use the code, it never seems to work on its own.

I am really confused because if I launch it using Heroku, it works fine so I know it’s a problem with glitch somehow. If someone could help me that would be great.

Working Project:!/flavio-websockets-server-example
My Remix:!/remix-websocket-test2

@cori Do you know what I should do? (I do not know if I should contact glitch support).

If you could help me that would be appreciated.