Remove custom domain from my project, pls!

I would like to remove the custom domain from my project to be moved.

Project: 185201815131da
Domains: “” and “”

Thank you in advance, peace!

Domain removals go through email to, they will aid you with domain removals there.

I contacted by email three times and never received a response.
I’m trying here because I’ve been trying to remove the domain for a month.

@glitch_support could you check the support email? I haven’t recieved a response either.I sent it like 1 month ago.

hi there! i checked our emails and we haven’t received anything mentioning those domains - i just went in and deleted both of them for you.

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hi there - can you let me know the domain mentioned in the email so I can look for it. we do check the support tickets that come from email often during business hours!