Remove Waking up message/hang project instead


I have been using Glitch for a long time and remember when a project would hang while starting up instead of having a wake message. This was not good for user facing projects as it made the project seem slow to load but was fine for projects like APIs which benefited from it. Is there a way to make a Glitch project hang while it loads instead of the visual “Waking up” message?


Hey @kekvord, welcome to the Glitch forum!

One way to achieve this on API-like projects is to set a Content-Type header in your request. That will prevent the interstitial.


Can you elaborate more on this


If you’re working with a Glitch project that’s providing an API and you want to be able to call one of your endpoints without receiving the “Starting up…” interstitial page, if you set a Content-Type on the request to Glitch we won’t return the “Starting up…” page.

Is that more clear?