Reset domain part 498472

Can someone reset custom domain on project slaybot-v3? Thanks :smiley:

@GhostSlayer -
Glitch does not do these types of requests on the forum anymore. However, you can just send them an email at and request a domain removal there.

Okay so ill wait 10 days better :slight_smile:

I mean Glitch is pretty good when it comes to support but you never know.


6 days gone. no answer :slight_smile:

I dont like that one of the most active and helpful staff member on the forum has disappeared. From the looks of it he changed positions (gg!) but still there should be someone dedicated for support and forum support. Not telling glitch how to run their site but having a helpful and dedicated staff member really empowers the community and resolves things quicker

You mean @cori?

20chars for Discourse

Hi @GhostSlayer,

Sorry about that! Since a solution was marked, I figured that you sent us a message at

That custom domain has now been removed from your project!

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That was fast, @tasha!

Yup, don’t want to assume anything though

actually, what happened to cori?

i have not heard from him in over 2 months

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he’s still around; he moved over to our infrastructure team several months ago. i’ll tell him you said hi!


hi there! i wanted to assure you we not only have a helpful and dedicated staff member keeping an eye on the forum, but a team of folks who help us out! in this case, clearly the tool didn’t help us out here and we’ll consider keeping an eye out on that going forward. y’all are in v good hands with @tasha and we encourage you to contact directly if you feel like requests like domain removals and app suspensions get lost.


Thank you so much! Oh, 20 characters. Thanks!

i thought that you removed because i replied to the email