[Resolved] API latency affecting project container availability

You might just have to wait until the outage is over.

im gonna start using repl.it and netifly

When I try to login into my google account, I get google login problem, internal server error.

@andyong5 There have been lots of problems with the sign in at the moment. I image @glitch_support will get to it soon after the outage is fixed. For now, you could email support@glitch.com

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Hello, I’m a Turk, I can’t log in glitch and login to projects. Please help, ss in the link below;

Merhaba @Mustwuta ,

Farklı tarayıcıdan glitch’e girmeyi dene.Sorun devam ederse yazmaktan çekinme :slightly_smiling_face:

sağlıcakla kal.

Glitch seems to be having some issues now, it is best to wait it out.

I entered with Opera again, my friends did not have this problem, I hope it is solved :frowning:

Also just keep in mind the Opera is not supported by Glitch.

bendede aynı sorun var bulursanız söylermisiniz

I can’t log into my glitch account via Google, github, Facebook

Likely has something to do with the recent outage, status.glitch.com

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Repl.it and vercel*

And by all means go ahead, many different platform exist for a reason. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. When a repl.it dies after 12 hours, there’s no bringing it back up unless you login.

That’s why we combine the powers of many platforms into one. You can keep a bot that only works when the glitch version isn’t on, repl.

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I haven’t even got to use glitch today because of the outage

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@glitch_support me neither. Is it called Glitch because there’s so many glitches??!!


The glitch editor is taking a long time to load for some of my projects and taking forever to start up, if it ever does.

Probably has to do with the recent down time.

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That’s exactly what it is.

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Glitch has problems right now. Everything is connected with this. Once everything is adjusted, your projects will definitely work.