[Resolved] Incident: some projects experiencing degraded performance

Hi there, we’re aware there’s an issue with some projects being slow to load. The team is currently investigating, and we’ll post updates to https://status.glitch.com as they come.

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Been experiencing this on my project. I thought Glitch crashed for a second :frowning:


Hello - this may be related so thought I would post here for info / help.

My eleventy project was kind of working on the glitch editor about 10 hours ago (although the browser preview was not working). Now (5 mins ago) when I open the project I get a Status: :rage:, with the log reference below - which I have never before seen.

Is this a Glitch related error do you think? Thanks!

node v12.0.0, with pnpm
10:36 PM
10:36 PM
Performing headless installation
Total install time: 3157ms

4 minutes ago
[11ty] You are not authorized to perform this operation (via undefined)
10:36 PM
10:36 PM
[11ty] Original error stack trace:

This incident (which should be resolved, we’re just continuing to monitor for issues) would only impact access to the project. If you’re getting errors, that’s another deal - and this looks like it’s an 11ty error specifically (and would be the cause of why the preview was not working).

Is there any other error logs below that “Original error stack trace:” line?

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Thanks @jenn - you are right, I have figured this out and it is a silly mistake from myself, changing some names in a data source I was accessing via an API call! I will delete my post to avoid confusion and share my experience elsewhere in case it helps others. (fwiw no other error logs below that line)


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