[Resolved] Previously working custom domains suddenly not working

You could Use ngrok to get a domain then use Cloudflare’s API to change the CNAME record when the app restarts.

I should make a library/cli app for that.


ngrok is on the slow side I think for web apps so it’ll work for low performance apps, but apps involving video uploading or large file uploading or games might not want to use this approach(my friend complained of lots of TPS lag when playing minecraft using ngrok)

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When will this be solved?! :persevere:

depends on how fast communication between fly.io and the glitch team is. They could be getting replies every hour or every 6 hours or even every day due to timezones.


My domains (carcraftz.dev and niny.io) seem to be working so I assumed the issue was fixed.

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It seems the fly team made some sort of temporary fix, however, it may not have impacted all custom domains or all servers.



Custom domains are working again.

As @RiversideRocks stated, fly has made a temporary fix. We will be discussing a longterm solution with them this week.