[Resolved] Previously working custom domains suddenly not working

We are looking into an issue that may cause custom domains to stop working. We will post an update once the issue is fixed.


Did custom domains break today? Multiple projects of mine work with the ___.glitch.me URL but not with the custom URL I have configured.

Eg, uvi.glitch.me works but not changelog.beeminder.com which is the custom domain I have associated with my “uvi” project.

Both domains return with a 502 error. (sometimes)

Once the .glitch.me domain returned with a 502 error.

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Very odd, I can confirm I am getting a 500 on the custom domain. Can you reach out to support@glitch.com?

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I’ve been emailing with support@glitch.com – they haven’t figured it out yet.
It fixed itself for about 24 hours but is down again now. :sob:

I’m sure it’s a problem on Glitch’s side, not with my domain registrar or nameservers or whatever, because every Glitch app of mine with a custom domain is returning a 502 error despite having different nameservers (and other apps with those nameservers that aren’t hosted on Glitch are fine).


Thanks so much for sending us a support request about this too!

This week, we have received reports from folks who say that the custom domains they have connnected to their Glitch projects have suddenly stopped working.

Earlier this month, this began happening when a custom domain was being connected via Cloudflare. However, it appears that something similar is happening for others as well.

A bug report has been filed and escalated. As soon as I get an update about this, I will let you know!


Update: It appears that our requests to the fly API are hanging indefinitely. We have notified fly.io and are awaiting their response.


Update: Fly has reached out and we have shared our bug report with them.


while we’re in the thread a question about custom domains, is it possible to link directly to the glitch app, use the .glitch.me app if you’ve set up custom domains. I modified my already using fly.io config to use .glitch.me for my xkcd-printer project (https://xkcd-print.ascent.tk) and either it works or my network uses too much dns caching. However when I added openradio it didn’t work probaly because fly.io broke at that momment

I apologise for kinda bumping this but, after removing the domain (by emailing support), and I try to re-add the domain, it shows an unknown error occurred. Then, I reloaded the page and this time, it shows the domain is already connected. I need help ASAP. Without my domain, the website is nothing. Moreover, since the glitch support team is prolly sleeping so, idk what to do. Please help me :frowning:

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They work Mon-Fri.

Glix, where are you when we need you…


In development.

Update: My custom domains are working again at the moment. No one touch anything! :slight_smile:


No, keep touching stuff. Mine doesn’t even Search.

My domains are still destroyed from the last one

also not working for me. well. guess we have to wait.

Oy, yes, custom domains are broken again. :sob:

Odd, it looked like a temporary solution was made: