[Resolved] Service disruption - 12/9 13:14 UTC


We had a short outage due to a deploy between 13:14 and 13:25 UTC.

Everything should be working now, but please report any problem you are still having.


@etamponi is there a changelog for the deploy somewhere ?



we deploy several times a day (did you notice that red popup that shows sometimes for half a second? It’s typically us doing a deploy :slight_smile: ), so we can’t keep a changelog of every deploy we make. At this time, they’re mostly bug fixes and/or stability/performance improvements.

When we deploy something cool for users, we notify them through the “notification cat” in the editor, which shows at the bottom right corner. You can also see this changelog if you click on the Gomix menu (the one at the top right with an hummingbird) and then “New stuff”.

If you’re curious about this particular deploy, we made a change that was incompatible with the currently running projects so we had to reload them all to use the new code. This isn’t typically needed, and it happens instantaneously, but this time it took more than expected.