Safari problems with glitch

So recently I’ve been doing a lot of things on my phone. Most of these are going through safari, (I have an iPhone 12) but an error message keeps showing up on my phone. However, some websites will work. Amazon will work and will work too. I was going to try to maybe contact support on their website but the error message shows up when I go to . I’m also having trouble uploading the screenshots I took so I’m just going to say what the error says. Also, it’s doing this on other websites like the skull candy website. Anyways, when I go to one of these websites, it says, “Safari can’t open the page because the server can’t be found.” This is happening on websites like glitch, skullcandy, and a music website). This also happened on websites. Finally, I noticed something weird with one of my PWAs. I made a PWA that has links to websites that I use often ( one of those links is the glitch forum) and I updated it to have another link about a month ago. However, when I was using it today, it shows the old version and only two links are displayed, instead of 3, which is how many links it’s had since I updated it. If anyone can help me, thank you!

Nevermind. I was able to restart my iPhone and now my pwa is back to normal, Soundtrap, ncs, and and the other websites work now.

“nevermind … it works now” is the perfect solution to “there’s an error message, but I don’t post what it said”

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I did post what the error said

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