isn't working


I have a thing called odd-orchid. The points is that it’s going to be a youtube video watching and downloading thing to bypass restricted mode. I want to use to let it know when to send info like search results. The problem is that is crashing and I don’t know why. For certain reasons, I cannot open dev-tools. Can someone help me figure out what’s wrong/


I see you’ve made a number of changes in there since you posted this, and I can’t tell if the precise problem you’re describing here is still happening. It does look to me like you’re running out of disk space, perhaps because the files you’re downloading are too large?


Nope. As it turns out, I forgot to edit the built in server.js file. Instead of server.listen, it needs to be app.listen for I noticed this difference in my working game, so I changed it and it worked.
Also, the massive file downloading is because I made it to download files, which are at times large!