Someone tried using glitch to get my ip and dox me

Someone sent me this URL to try and grab my ip and hwid. Can someone deal with this situation?

Could you be so kind as to elaborate?

Its the internet, I’m not really surprised this happened.


nothing they can do about it?

Try emailing glitch at

Or you can Report Abuse the project by clicking the Report Abuse button on the bottom of the project page, as this is clearly a “misuse of the service”.

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Unless he grabbed your IP directly thru glitch he didn’t misuse the service. Sounds more like a discord support issue

For now, unplug your router for the night, your ISP might change your IP if you are on a residential connection.

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Grabbing IP is allowed (as it can be used for analysis), however using it to DDOS someone is illegal. I would suggest that you change your IP and be more careful when clicking on links from people you may not trust. You can also block him and report his account on Discord. I would also suggest to “Report Abuse” the project or contact Glitch team and tell them what happened. Even tho they ban him, he still can DDOS you.

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@glitch_support should ban this project

It’s private - so I can’t press “Report abuse”

For now you can report this to Discord’s Trust & Safety Team at: Something like Trust & Safety => Doxxing => Someone sent an IP graber would work. Additionally, emailing with the project name would be helpful.