SSH from local to container


I was wondering if it is possible to SSH into a container, like it is possible to download and/or upload using git. If this was possible I could automate the process of uploading content to Glitch when I push to my git server.


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I don’t believe there’s a way to SSH into a container but maybe you could accomplish the same thing by using a glitch.json file to trigger an install command that will merge your git repositories before starting your app?

I could take a look I suppose…

I’ve come to a conclusion, it was a bit difficult at first because I needed everything to work from my CI/CD pipeline. The way I solved this was first by adding my glitch token as a secret to my pipeline. Whenever I push to master the pipeline will first build all the resources, afterwards I download the git repository from the Glitch container I delete all of its content and clone the built resources to the glitch directory. I commit the new resources and push back to the glitch container. I have a script inside the glitch container (outside of the app directory) which constantly looks for git changes, once the head is updated so is the script.

I will make a public tutorial ASAP.

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did you know all glitch projects have a git link? its a repository in fact.

perhaps using this to push changes could work!

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Yes, indeed, if you see my last post you’ll see that this is actually how I resolved my issue, I’ve also previously made posts about that too:

download and/or upload using git

i’m writing a post on the gallery