Static Website inactive

So i just made a static website. When i click “show” it’s just inactive and i have to wait for it to wake up.

Why does this happen?

Hello! Can you link your project so I can do some tests?
It’s active right now. try waiting a few minutes!

Ok, so I took a look and it looks like a non static site because of the 404 page.

Your Projects - Google Chrome 9_10_2020 6_49_59 PM

You sure about that mate?

Yes I am. The 404 page on static sites looks like this:

The 404 page on your site just said Not Found.

I’ve literally pressed “hello-webpage”
And i got proof that it’s static:

Works for me.

For me doesn’t work :confused:

Sometimes glitch will push a restart on their servers. Might have been a time that it did that. Also, @RiversideRocks sometimes “Not Found” will pop up instead of the new 404 page. I think they are working on moving all of the servers to the new 404.

It’s loading for me instantly, exactly as the expected behaviour for static sites. Try clearing your cache?

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This is how it has to look like

I literally cleared my cache yesterday

Hmm. Mabye try remixing the project and deleting the old one?

Doesn’t hurt to clear it now. Plus, you might have visited a lot of webpages after clearing your cache, so it’s good to give it a try, it’s worth trying.

i just did

It is loading fine for me without the Glitch loading screens.

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For me as well

um thats the wrong url @RiversideRocks (check url bar)

To test without any cache, add a query parameter that hasn’t been used before, for example

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