Stop restarting projects that contains error

Glitch does one good thing by restarting project when it encounters an errors, but this is helpful only if the error is encountered when any event is occurred including branched statements too. Otherwise on sequential programs when there is a constant error occurring every time while the program is running it will restart again and again and the loop goes on.
So my idea is to stop restarting projects that encounters errors every time the program is running, so that resources can be used by other projects too.

It is not glitch restarting the project. It is npm. Glitch just run the start script.

yepp i know that but it is glitch which reruns the start script whenever there is an error

No, it is npm. Glitch doesn’t know when it errors.

Glitch looks for errors in npm and restarts accordingly
Try using nodejs in your machine npm doesnt restart itself when an error occurs

then wouldn’t that require some scripts to analyse the logs? seems like we could do that ourselves in a fashion