Stuck at fetching project


my project crimsonvelvet707 has been stuck in fetching project since yesterday. I couldn’t edit anything.
Is this server issues or something else?


I flagged this to a member of our dev team earlier and we’ll take a look as soon as we can.


Same problem here with our project nice-open :frowning:
I hope this issue will be resolved soon


Same problem here,
im stuck in fetching project for along time


ygbn and nice-open are both loading ok for me at the moment. Let us know if you’re still having problems

Fetching project problem

the issue still not solved yet.


I’m aware, which is why your project wasn’t referenced in my response above. The cause of the issue is that the project went over disk quota again. It will be fixed later today.


My project still fetching …


Hi :slight_smile: sorry for the delay!

Your project should be working now.


Thankyou so much!