Style console log output

How do I change the colour of an output with console.log

Hey @Daniel,

  1. If you want the logs to be in red, then use console.error().

  2. If you want the logs to be in yellow, then use console.warn().

  3. Alternatively, you can use styles within a console.log statement like this:

console.log('%c Hello World! ', 'background: black; color: white');

it doesn’t work. Here is what I get:
%c Hello World! background: black; color: white

@khalby786 Please help

Works for me…

Are you using this for the Glitch Logs or Chrome DevTools?

I’m using glitch console

Oh, what I said above would only apply for Chrome DevTools. So if you’re using the Glitch Logs, your only options would be console.error() and console.warn().

Ohhhhhh thanks for the help anyway

In the logs view, only console.error() and console.warn() change the text color, but in the actual console, you can use a library like chalk for coloring, chalk detects if the console/logs support it and send colored or not messages accordingly.

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