(Teaser) JSians - a simple website to compete in JavaScript

I’m currently working on a glitch project in which we users will get to solve challenges in js.

Currently, i’m doing the createChallenges part, so that anyone can submit their challenges.


  • no css
  • not open-source
  • no user profile
  • no googlefonts

… (More features on release. XD)

Anyways, here’s a sneak-pik

Btw, can anyone suggest me a more creative name?


Maybe we could have minimum CSS (like white background, a small margin and keep the serif font) instead of no CSS?


Don’t trust the pic @khalby786 , actually my camera had ruined my white background.

For the margin, its already 8, but I’ll adjust it a bit. And, I’m already having ‘lucida bright’ font.

My problem with CSS lies in applying theme, for which I’ll probably take a whole week :wink: . And, I can’t wait that long. So, I’ll design my site later :slight_smile:


I can help with the styling if you’d like.

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Thanks for your favor. Once, I’ll release my project, I’ll be looking forward to feedbacks / designs from you guys :slight_smile:

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Teaser #2



What makes this different that codewars, hackerrank, topcoder and/or coderbyte?

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That’s really a good and a critical question @ihack2712. I like it, but can’t answer it, now.

Bcoz, my project is still in dev mode. So, I’ll answer this in the release thread :)⠀
As glitch is down these days, so I’m extending my project a bit further. I’ll also take a look at “How not to store passwords” ;)⠀

Comparison is done on comparable levels, and I’m nothing in front of those megasites @ihack2712. By the way, I’ve only seen codewars, and that’s really awesome.

In fact, this is just an experimental project I’ve created to hang out with my friends here :stuck_out_tongue: and learn new things about web development, so don’t take it seriously and have fun :wink:

Coming soon… (in few hours)

Looking forward to it :wink:

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